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My name is Sabrina and I am the Founder and Owner of Wander in Adventure. I am also a Registered Early Childhood Educator with over 12 years of child care experience. I have a passion for all things early childhood and child development. I have worked with all ages, from infants all the way to School Age. Most importantly I am a Wife and a Mommy of two boys. I have always had a dream of being an entrepreneur and flourishing my passion in my own way and in my own environment. I have been blessed with the most supportive husband who not only encourages me but doesn't stop encouraging me until he see's me accomplishing my dreams and my boys who get excited to hear all about my ideas. To them, I dedicate this exciting adventure.



We believe that children thrive in an environment which values their own uniqueness, while providing support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and creatively. By building on each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities, Wander in Adventure guides each child to wander in the world around them as well as develop and explore new abilities and form close relationships.

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Learning Through Play

At Wander in Adventure, we're proud to provide a caring and safe environment for your children. By following our mission, vision and values, we create a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming learning environment for all children.

Our unique program incorporates a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interests in mind and allowing for hands-on, open ended materials for experiential learning.

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Our program includes a ratio of 1:5. We provide care for children 12 months - 4 years of age. 

If you have specific questions about our day-to-day activities or the program timeline, simply contact me or book an interview time to visit our location and learn more.

Full-Time Program

Depending on your family’s schedule, our Full-Time Program might be the right fit for you. No matter what your child needs, our program will provide the support and tools necessary for optimal growth.

Contact Wander in Adventure to find out more about space availability!



Sensory Play

One of my favourite play invitations that I provide is sensory play. Sensory play provides children with cognitive development and opportunity to self-regulate. At Wander in Adventure, sensory play will be provided at our sensory tables and through out our art. 

Sensory play theorist Jean Piaget proposed that sensory play was most important to a child's brain development.

Benefits of Sensory Play:

1. Sensory play builds nerve connections within the developing brain’s neural pathways, which trigger a child’s inclination for and ability in competing more complex learning tasks

2. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction

3. Sensory play aids in developing and enhancing memory functioning

4. Sensory play is great for calming an anxious or frustrated child

5. Sensory play helps children learn vitally important sensory attributes (hot, cold, sticky, dry, etc)

Reference: https://creativeplayuk.com/5-key-benefits-sensory-play/


Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is one of the most important forms of play. It is a very common activity of young children that you'll see in most early learning settings because it is one that children enjoy and will do spontaneously. Wander in Adventure's children will have a whole dramatic area environment where they can pretend, imagine and implement there symbolic ideas of real life.

The scope of dramatic play:

  • Pretend play

  • Imaginative play

  • Symbolic play

  • Make believe play

  • Sociodramatic play


More About Play in our Classroom

Playing with Blocks

Blocks are one of the simplest, yet most important play materials that we can offer children. Children learn skills and knowledge through block play that sets the foundation for later academic studies. Through block play, children are learning all about understanding patterning, objects, forms, systems, and design.

Early Language and Literacy

Children will begin to develop their receptive language and expressive language skills through a verity of play throughout their day. Early literacy has shown improvement in language development and reading ability. At Wander in Adventure, we enjoy songs, reading and participating in social games.

Math and Science

Through a verity of activities, children will be given the opportunity to explore math and science through their interactions with the environment. We will explore theoretical foundations between the three types of STEM knowledge; 

  • Physical knowledge

  • Logical-mathematical 

  • Social (conventional)



Wander in Adventure explores the benefits and contributions that art makes to a child's development and we expand the need for art experiences to be open-ended and process based, as it supports children creativity. Open-ended materials and experiences facilitate opportunities for children to express their own thoughts and ideas about how things look to them in their world. Our classroom will always be stocked with art materials to be explored throughout the day.

Music and Movement

Music for young children should be explored through the elements of listening, moving, playing and singing. Along with instruments, music and materials, children will be given the opportunity to foster keeping a beat, rhythm and language development. At Wander in Adventure, we keep music and movement transparent in both planned actives and spontaneous play.

Outdoor Play

Wander in Adventure believes outdoor play environment is just as important as indoor. Two hours a day of outdoor play will be implemented into our daily program schedule. We provide the children with the same play opportunities while outdoor. Our fully fenced backyard will be equipped with proper seasonal materials for children to be supported with various types of play. Outdoor time may also include walks around the neighbourhood and trips to local community parks.



At Wander in Adventure a morning and afternoon snack is served as well as a nutritious lunch which is prepared fresh onsite daily. Menus are developed to meet with Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating and the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act. Each week, our snacks and meals are rotated as well as in every season.

For further information on our menu, contact us today.


Wander in Adventure's Home Daycare

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:15pm

All calls, emails or messages will be responded too as soon as possible.



Part-time days available: Monday & Friday.

Contact Sabrina for more information on availability. 

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